This image used with permission from Kenton Letkeman and was found in the Digital Saskatchewan collection, 2011
The Kelsey Trail Health Region (KTHR) consists of approximately 35 physicians and 1580 staff for its five district/community hospitals.  There are ten long-term care facilities (482 long-term care and respite beds), trained volunteer First Responders in 26 communities, Emergency Medical Services, Nurse Practitioners in seven locations, and home care services delivered in eleven locations.  

KTHR experienced a shortage of skilled workers in a number of health professions.  There is a high demand for registered nurses and physicians. Recruitment incentives have been used in an effort to attract these professionals to this region.  With an aging population, the need for homecare has increased over the last few years.  However, as the emphasis on home care services shifts from housekeeping to more intensive home health care so does the training for skilled personnel to deliver home care services.
The government of Saskatchewan introduced a new Physician Recruitment Agency that is currently operating.  The agency’s goals over the next four years include increasing the number of U of S medical students exposed to training opportunities outside Saskatoon by 25 per cent; increasing the number of U of S medical graduates establishing practices in Saskatchewan by 10 percent; reducing the annual turnover of physicians in Saskatchewan to less than 10 per cent; and increasing the percentage of Canadian-trained doctors working in Saskatchewan by 10 per cent.

Each first nation has a community health clinic with services in home care, public health, visiting professionals, addictions counseling, and wellness to name a few.  Funding for these health services generally come from Health Canada.

A number of privately owned small businesses are a part of the Region’s health sector.  Most towns in the Region have at least one pharmacy.  The communities of Melfort, Tisdale and Nipawin all have dentists and optometrists.  Privately run physiotherapy clinics and mental health clinics as well as massage therapists are small businesses that are expanding in the Region.