This image used with permission from Darren Letkeman and was found in the Digital Saskatchewan collection, 2011
Edgewood Forest Products Inc. was incorporated in 2009 and their operations include a sawmill in Carrot River and a plywood plant in Hudson Bay.  These were purchased from Weyerhaeuser and had been closed in 2007.  The sawmill is a board and stud mill and the plywood plant produces a wide variety of panels for construction and furniture manufacturing.  In July, 2011 Edgewood  postponed the re-openings of the Carrot River Sawmill and the Hudson Bay Plywood Mill due to poor market conditions for soft lumber.

The Carrot River Sawmill reopened for production in January 2012. It is currently running at half capacity with one 12 hour shift.  The sawmill, which employs 35, produces 180,000 board feet on one shift, which is about 13 or 14 loads of logs. They produce construction grade stud lumber. They are currently in the trial phase of producing metric products to ship off to the Middle East and China. All is going well, start up was quicker than anticipated, despite the fact the mill had been closed for five years.

Weyerhaeuser continues to own the OSB mill in Hudson Bay.  The mill reopened July 6, 2010. The initial emphasis is to provide extensive safety and operational training and to make sure returning associates can run the equipment safely and reliably. Weyerhaeuser hopes to be able to make arrangements for securing the contract harvesting and hauling capacity necessary to deliver wood to the facility.

Paper Excellence purchased Prince Albert Pulp Mill from Domtar  and has reopened it in August, 2011.  They plan to spend $30 million in the conversion of the mill into a pulp dissolving mill by September 2012.  There are currently 30 people working at the mill.  It will create 250 jobs at the mill and approximately 700 jobs in support industries such as harvesting and trucking.  The majority of the skilled workers are expected to be hired in 2012.  The conversion is expected to take between 18 and 24 months to complete.  $500,000 per year has been allocated from the provincial government for the first two years, to train new mill operators. Workers will need to be trained in new processes before working at the mill.

Officials of SaskPower and Prince Albert Pulp have announced that the two companies intend to have the co-generation power facility at the local pulp mill providing power onto the grid by late May 2012. The project is approximately half way to completion. Five million has been spent so far and another $5 million will be spent by completion date. The mills biomass boiler and a power turbine will be producing the power generated at the mill. The power will be used to operate the mill itself and the excess power will be sold to SaskPower. This project is unique in that the original plans for the mill were as a power producer as well as a pulp mill. The pulp mill is expected to provide about 10 megawatts of power. About 21 people previously employed by the mill are being hired to provide maintenance on the co-generation project.