This image used with permission from Jim Fast and was found in the Digital Saskatchewan collection, 2011
Several communities have subsidized daycare/early learning facilities.  There are also a large number of private daycares in the Region.  Preschool classes are generally offered to 3 and 4 year olds in several communities; often these take place in a K-12 facility, however they are usually not run by the school division. North East Early Childhood Intervention Program (NEECIP) is a vital part of education in the Northeast.

The North East School Division (NESD) is a major employer in the region. There are 24 schools in 15 communities in the Division.

Sask Rivers School Division (SRSD) is also a major employer in the College region.  There are 4 SRSD schools in communities in the College region offering K-12 education.

First Nations with K-12 education in their communities include: James Smith, Little Red River, Muskoday, Red Earth, Shoal Lake.  Kinistin has an K-9 school in their community.   A number of these communities have Adult Basic Education programming offered in partnership with Cumberland College.

A new state of the art facility has opened to students in the fall of 2011 at the Nipawin Campus of Cumberland College.  The grand opening was held in December, 2011.  The facility is adjacent to Central Park Community School. This new facility was funded $7.49 million from the provincial and federal governments giving them the boost they needed to get the project of a new location in motion. The new building now has nine classrooms, a huge computer lab, a shop area, tutorial and study spaces, a conference room, a student lounge and administration offices. This allows College programming to be offered under one roof in the North Eastern portion of the Cumberland College region.  The College boasts a wide array of programming including Adult Basic Education, University classes, Technical Certificate Courses, Industry Credit and Non credit courses.  The College is a significant employer in the Region.