This image used with permission from Roswitha Kress and was found in the Digital Saskatchewan collection, 2011.
There are 1263 co-operatives in Saskatchewan including 61 credit unions serving 272 communities through 304 service outlets.  There are more than 344,000 active members of a least one retail co-op in Saskatchewan and credit unions offer financial products and services to approximately 520,000 members.  Approximately 1 in 3 Saskatchewan residents belong to a retail cooperative and over 1 in 2 are serviced in some way by a Credit Union.  In Saskatchewan over 10,000 people are employed in Cooperatives.  More than 25 of Saskatchewan’s top 100 businesses are cooperatives.

There are 10 retail cooperatives in the region with Pineland based in Nipawin; Beeland based in Tisdale, Prairie North based in Melfort; and Prince Albert being amongst the largest in the province.

Prince Albert Co-operative reports sales of nearly $186 million in 2011. Prince Albert Co-operative encompasses 11 different communities from Prince Albert to La Ronge to Wakaw and has a total of about 26,000 members. Equities and cash are given back to the members. Last year (2011), $4 million in cash was given back to Prince Albert members.

In recent years, many credit unions in the region have amalgamated which now leaves 4 larger credit unions: Advantage, Affinity, Cornerstone and Diamond North.  Hudson Bay and Porcupine Plain Credit Unions currently remain independent.

Parents in North East Saskatchewan have combined together to form daycare cooperatives in a number of communities.  Each of these are run by a board of directors, which in turn hires staff.  There is a tendency for larger daycares to become cooperatives for a number of reasons.